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Elizabeth Warren Apologizes to Women of Color who Allege “Toxic” Environment in Campaign Office

Elizabeth Warren. Photo courtesy Univision.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has apologized to six women of color who left her Nevada campaign office amid what they called a “toxic” work environment.

Politico reported Thursday that the six women had left the campaign because they felt minorities were tokenized and senior leadership didn’t respond to their concerns.

“During the time I was employed with Nevada for Warren, there was definitely something wrong with the culture,” former field organizer Megan Lewis told Politico. “I filed a complaint with HR, but the follow-up I received left me feeling as though I needed to make myself smaller or change who I was to fit into the office culture.”

Asked later Thursday about the allegations, Warren said she believed the women.

“I believe these women completely and without reservation and I apologize that they have had a bad experience on this campaign,” the Massachusetts Democrat told reporters after a town hall on Thursday.
She continued: “I also understand the long legacy of racism in this country and what it means and how it creates power dynamics and inequities that are toxic and dangerous. And that’s why it’s so important that we be constantly vigilant and determined to do better. I take personal responsibility for this and I’m working with my team to address these concerns.”
Warren ended up in third place in the Iowa caucuses earlier in the week. New Hampshire’s primary election is coming on Tuesday.