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Fit Oshkosh Expands Staff

Henri Parker and Rajon Hall. Photos supplied.

Fit Oshkosh, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving racial equality and building a welcoming and inclusive community, has announced two new additions to its staff.

Henri Parker will work as an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, based in Chicago. IDI is a tool for assessing an individual’s or organization’s intercultural competence. It determines the client’s cultural awareness baseline and develops an action plan for positive growth.

A Chicago native and alum of Illinois State University, Parker has a background in sales, financial planning and college admissions.

“I hope … to help spread the mission of the organization and increase racial literacy,” Parker said in an interview.

Green Bay native Rajon Hall will join Fit Oshkosh as a research assistant, interviewing Black business owners in the Fox valley area in partnership with UW Extension.

“We’re trying to learn the experiences that they have gone through as entrepreneurs and as business owners,” said Hall, who will graduate from UW-Oshkosh later this month. “We try to learn advantages that they feel like they’ve had, and obstacles, history. How many businesses have they had and how many businesses have failed. A lot of people tell me their life story.”

Hall said Fit Oshkosh intends to conduct up to 50 interviews over the next year, and use the data to help new businesses start off on the right foot — and inform policy makers and others how to support Black business owners.

Hall said even just conducting a few interviews in his first two weeks on the job has been eye-opening.

“I have learned so much. It has put me years past where I was two weeks ago. Years past,” he said. “You know, I’ve been grateful to sit down with some people who have been through it, and are running successful businesses, counseling businesses, photography businesses, real estate businesses. All kinds of cool stuff. And things that I had no idea about. I know if I’m learning, other people will learn.”

Fit Oshkosh executive director Tracey Robertson is a contributor to FoxValley365.