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Hmong Veterans Memorial Vandalized in Sheboygan


A memorial in Sheboygan dedicated to honoring Hmong veterans was vandalized over the 4th of July weekend according to Sheboygan Police. 

The police are searching for someone they say “utilized flammable means” to cause minor damage to the memorial monument. Police say it could have been a lighter or something similar that was used to cause the damage. 

The Sheboygan Police Department is still trying to identify the vandals and is actively seeking out any information about the incident. Anyone with information or who saw what happened is asked to contact the Sheboygan Police at 920-459-2287 or CrimeStoppers at 877-283-8436. 

“Anytime somebody defaces any property, but especially something that has a lot of meaning to the community, it’s something that people care about,” said Lieutenant Bill Adams, according to Wisconsin Radio Network. “So we’re very interested to know who could have attempted to do damage to it, but fortunately it seems the damage is very minor.”