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Hundreds of Protesters to Greet Trump in Green Bay


Several hundred protesters from across Wisconsin are expected to greet President Donald Trump and his supporters in Green Bay today.

Ronald Kossick of Manitowoc told FoxValley365 that Crusaders for Justicia was bringing 45 people to protest “the lies and abuses of the Trump administration.” He said other groups are expected to bring hundreds more.

Crusaders for Jusiticia “was recently recently formed to fight for the rights of immigrants And other exploited groups using the inherent strengths of those groups such as the boycotts and a withholding their labor,” Kossick said. “Our political systems aren’t being responsive to the needs of the people. So we’re going to use other methods to bring about change.”

Milwaukee-based Bail Out the People Movement is also involved in planning the protest, according to a Facebook event.

Kossick said he hopes the protest puts forward the message that “the people of America are more united and strong together than divided the wat Trump and the Republican Party are trying to divide us.”

The protest is currently planned for 3 until 7 pm outside the Resch Center in Green Bay, where Trump is expected to speak at 7 pm.


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