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As an organizational leader, you see it every day — the population diversifies and your outreach efforts need to change with the times.

FoxValley365 reaches the people you want to reach — more than a million each month. Use your FoxValley365 Membership to focus and amplify your outreach efforts. As a member, your name and your brand will reach people of color and their allies in Madison, Dane County and across the Midwest.

As a member of FoxValley365, you’re also an investor. The return on your investment comes in the form of outreach and access to the most diverse audience in the region. Our audience — your potential clients, employees, customers and constituents — is larger than that of any other publication intended for people of color in Wisconsin, and one of the largest such audiences in the Midwest. Your membership and investment in FoxValley365 will put your name in front of a new and growing audience.

Whether your organization’s mission requires outreach to diverse communities, you need to recruit a more diverse workforce or you simply want to grow your customer base, FoxValley365 Membership is an affordable and effective tool that will enhance your community outreach and help you diversify your customer base and your workforce.

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For more information, call 608.492.0365 or email rchappell@foxvalley365.madison365.com.