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“Real Gospel Radio Oshkosh” Wins Second Consecutive Award

Tracey Robertson. Photo supplied.

For the second consecutive year, Real Gospel Radio, created and hosted by FoxValley365 contributor Tracey Robertson, has won the “Best of the Midwest” award in the Entertainment – Local Producer FM Radio category from Wisconsin Community Media.

“Apparently this is a big deal,” Robertson says. “It’s significant that a tiny little gospel show in Wisconsin could get this award. I think that’s significant but my comments might be biased,” she adds with a laugh.

Robertson is on the board of Oshkosh Radio, and several years ago noticed a lack of diversity on the air.

“There were no black voices or no black faces in our local radio or our local TV,” she says, so she decided to start a show to get her own voice on the radio — and express her strong faith while she was at it.

“I started the radio show selfishly,” she says. “I started it to create space for Black voices on the air, and for my own spiritual purposes. I started it because i wanted to feel worship outside the walls of an institution.”

But the show has had an impact far beyond herself, as it has become the top-rated show on the radio station and keeps winning awards.

Robertson says the show’s success “proves my point that there’s space on the air for people of color and helps me experience worship in a way that’s meaningful to me.” It also shows, she says, that “people of color have things to say, and that people would want to hear it.”

Real Gospel Radio airs Sunday nights at 7:00 on 101.9 FM WOCT and re-airs Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. You can also listen online by visiting oshkoshmedia.org and clicking “listen live” at showtime.

Wisconsin Community Media is a statewide organization of community access television and radio stations.


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