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Winnebago County Lists Cooling Shelters as Area Braces for Heat Wave

Menasha Public LIbrary is one of several cooling shelters in Winnebago County.

As Winnebago County residents brace for extreme heat this weekend, the Office of Emergency Management is being proactive in its attempts to keep everyone safe from heat-related illness.

Winnebago County Emergency Management Director Linda Kollmann said the heat index in the Lake Winnebago Region could feel like 103 to 107 degrees from noon until early evening Friday.

Yesterday, in an attempt to share information about how to get some relief, the Office of Emergency Management posted an article by the Winnebago Health Department with safety tips and a list of local cooling shelters on its Facebook page.

“Our most significant concern is for the homeless,” Kollman said. “Finding those populations can be difficult, and they do not always have access to social media.”

OEM staff contacted local law enforcement and 911 and community centers with lists of where anyone can go to get some relief.

“Our greatest concern is for the homeless, but everyone can go to any of these public locations,” Kollman said.

Kollmann said that using fans, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, and putting ice packs or towels with cold water around the neck can be life-saving measures.

Kollman believes that “being helpful” can save lives. “If you have family members struggling in the weather, check on them. Check on your elderly neighbors and watch out for pets,” she said.

The OEM has posted a complete list of cooling shelters here.